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Futures Trading Cheat Sheets

Below are 3 cheat sheets we regularly use for trading futures and futures options. These will help you track details and fees for a variety of futures securities.

Futures Trading Month Shorthand Cheat Sheet

Futures shorthand assigns a letter to each month of the year.

For example, /ESM2. '/ES' is the security (E-mini S&P 500 Futures), 'M' means June, and '2' means 2022.

The two photos to the right provide details for 40 future securities falling into 7 categories:

  1. Agricultural Futures

  2. Currency Futures

  3. Energy Futures

  4. Equity Indices Futures

  5. Interest Rates Futures

  6. Metals Futures

  7. Cryptocurrency Futures

For each security, find the

  • name

  • exchange fees + NFA

  • tick size

  • tick value

  • full point/multiplier

  • overnight requirement

  • tradable months

  • options availability

If you'd like to see how we trade the futures listed above, join our Daily Trade Ideas subscription. We post trades & returns throughout the day.

While, a smaller list of products, this futures trading cheat sheet provides additional information, including:

  • option style

  • deliverable

  • time of settlement

  • price indicator

  • etc.

Want to take your futures trading to the next level? Talk with one of our trading experts to learn specific strategies and key mechanics to follow.

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