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Altria Vs. Philip Morris: Which Is A Better Buy

Article written by our own, W. John Sabin, was posted on Seeking Alpha

This is a quick post today to highlight an article on Seeking Alpha, a popular source for articles on financial markets and all related topics. John Sabin, one of our trading experts and founders, published a new piece titled Altria Vs. Philip Morris: Which Is A Better Buy.

John discusses two major players in the tobacco market: Altria and Philip Morris. The article comes after the FDA announcement impacting Juul products. The breakdown covers the difference between the companies (which is a bit confusing at first glance admittedly), and compares the two in investing terms.

Read the full article to find Sabin's recommendations for how to trade PM and MO.

Are you trading or investing in Altria (MO) or Philip Morris International (PM)? Tell us why or why not in the comments below.

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