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Daily Trade Ideas - Trade with Us

Subscriptions - Pricing & FAQs

Join our Discord community (a messaging platform) to receive live trading ideas throughout the day.

See trade ideas for stocks, options, futures, commodities, and cryptocurrency.

Free two week trial!


When you join our daily trade ideas subscription, you will get an insider look at what our experts are trading each day. Watch, learn, and trade with us. ​

This subscription is on your terms. Subscribe when you want. Cancel when you want.

This service is meant for education purposes only, not financial advice. Please see our Disclosure Statement.



Two weeks free - try it out for two weeks before you are charged to see if you like our trading style. Cancel anytime. That's a no risk deal!

Access to discord - specific trade ideas; trading strategies and mechanics we stand by; see how our experts are handling economic, political, and social events impacting the market

Access to our experts - ask questions on the discord group or in private messages

Access to exclusive training education - we share trading strategies, concepts, and best practices via videos and downloads

This content is shared on our website, exclusively for our Daily Trade Ideas subscribers.

Includes videos to help you understand the trade ideas we share and learn how to execute them for yourself.



Type of securities - stocks, options, futures, commodities, cryptocurrency, bonds…

Type of trades -  


Options: credit spreads, iron condors, synthetic covered calls, butterflies, naked calls/puts, scalps, etc.

• Structure of the trade ideas - 

We share everything you need in order to enter the trade: Ticker, price, strike prices, expiration date, max loss, max gain, risk factor, etc. 

We often a screenshot of our order.



Tastytrade, Thinkorswim, Fidelity, BUT you can use whatever you want.



  1. Purchase a plan via Paypal or credit card below.

  2. You will receive an email confirming your purchase from Paypal. You will receive another email with a link to join the Discord group (this email may take 24 hours).

  3. Make an account here on our website via the login button in the top right of your screen (you can make your account right now!). You must have an account with us to access the education content provided to Daily Trade Idea subscribers.

  4. Make an account on, if you don't already have one.

  5. Click the link in our email to join our discord server.

  6. Introduce yourself in the Discord! The discord is a place to learn and engage with other traders - don’t be shy!

  7. Get to trading!

About Subscriptons

Frequently Asked Questions

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Some of our returns

We post our returns in our Daily Trade Ideas Discord. You can find some of our returns on Twitter, as well.

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