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We post most of our returns in our Daily Trade Ideas Discord - try our two week free trial. You can find some of our returns on Twitter, as well.

SAFETY NOTE - and this is for us as well as for you all - we have been VERY successful on our trades and earnings trades this week.  However, just like losses, future trades have nothing to do with how good (or bad) your prior trades were (unless you are not trading mechanically).  There are no hot hands, no streaks - they might happen, but trades are independent of each other.  Akin to a coin flip - first 5 flips were heads, what are the odds of the 6th flip being heads?  Still 50/50.  I'm saying all this is continue to be mechanical, trade small, trade often.  Look forward, no swagger....

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The conversation with Guillermo was very enlightening. He answered all my questions, and even gave some additional tips. Clearly he is very experienced at trading options, and I recommend contacting him if you have any questions about them. Thank you very much. We will stay in contact.


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Our Experts


Guillermo Diaz, MBA, CFA

Chief Trading Pilot

With over 15 years of experience in finance, Guillermo is a CFA charterholder whose expertise includes stock options trading, investment strategies, business valuation, and portfolio management. He is a partner and co-owner of a wealth management firm and a freelance trading strategies coach. 


W. John Sabin, CPA, CMA, PMP

Trade Small, Trade Often Officer

John Sabin is an active trader with a penchant for investing – his grandfather taught him how to invest and trade stock options at 11 years old. With decades of investing experience, he drives mechanical trading using the Trade Small, Trade Often idiom to the options and futures markets.

Our Experts


Honest. Direct. Distinct. Well-Defined.

We work with transparency in our investments and our partnership with you.

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Calculated. Conditioned. Consistent.

Our mechanical strategies make for consistent trading techniques based on data rather than emotion.

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